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Il Profvmo

I draw my inspiration from nature itself. I will find it in a bush, in a flower that blossoms or even in the persistent musk at the foot of an oak, protecting a wild cyclamen.
Silvana Casoli, Il Profvmo creator

Refined ingredients, long sought after compositions, unexpected mix… Il Profvmo unveils for each skin a singular and authentic approach of the senses. The fragances Il Profvmo appeal to the senses and help reveal a unique approach to beauty.
Out of time, but always stylish, the inspiration for these perfumes comes from the magical beauty of nature, enhanced by the mysterious creativity of Silvana Casoli, our perfume specialist.

Very highly concentrated, Il Profvmo fragrances also exude of unforgettable aromas, and an incredible long lasting effect on the skin: up to 24 hours of charm, pleasure for the senses and euphoria. With crystal clear flasks filled with subtle aromas, the Il Profvmo perfumes also celebrate a real Venetian knowledge. The identity of the fragrances Il Profvmo as well as its packaging, though fully anchored in modernity, let no doubt concerning its source of inspiration.
From the sumptuous Cardinal red colour to the shiny golden ornaments of the packaging, all the ingredients are in place to celebrate the famous magical Venetian Perfume heritage.

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