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Since 1985, Valmont cosmetics’ mission has been to offer high-performance anti-aging treatments.
Sophie & Didier Guillon


Valmont Group benefits from the fact that it is a family affair, successfully led by Didier Guillon and his spouse Sophie Guillon. On the one hand, Didier Guillon is the CEO, Owner and artistic director of Valmont.
On the other hand, Sophie Guillon stands as the guardian of quality and efficiency of the precious Valmont skincare, with no concession. As the brand ambassador between the laboratories and high-level customers, Sophie Guillon oversees both the research & development projects, as well as the conception & communication aspects of the brand. Thanks to her technical know-how and constant search for innovation, Sophie Guillon has managed to lead Valmont as an authentic innovative brand on the cosmetic market. "For 30 years, Valmont Group has helped men and women fight the aging signs". It is a fantastic family tale, combining from generation to generation, the love for cosmetics, science, and innovation


Since 1985, the core statement of Valmont Cosmetics is to present a high-performing anti-aging product range.
Also nicknamed "the Magician of Time", Valmont has stepped into the Swiss cellular cosmetic tradition for more than 30 years, helping achieving in skincare, immediate long-term results of un-equalled quality.
Valmont history begun with the launch of the first Swiss clinic, entirely dedicated to health and wellness.

Strong of its heritage as a clinic, Valmont launched a skincare product range, followed by the launch in 1985 of the cosmetic brand Valmont.
The skincare products range Valmont takes its source from the natural environment of Switzerland, preserved and pure, combining subtle alpine ingredients to innovative scientific expertise, to achieve optimum quality.
The ice field water lies at the heart of Valmont cosmetics, allowing skin cell transfers,, revitalizing cell mechanism, and stimulating skin cells self-defence.
This exclusive and pure water is found at more than 2000 meters high, in a secret location, right at the bottom of the Valais glacier.

But the rich heritage of Swiss natural resources also shows in the incredible Valmont Alpine plant garden: a unique garden, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, in the village of Vens. Within a fully controlled and pure environment, Valmont grows eight different plants (Rosehip, yellow dye, Echinacea, Mallow, Marigold, Nettle, white lupine, Dill) all chosen for their exceptional properties for skincare.
The benefits of pure nature, combined with the power of science: faithful to the original concept of cell therapy, Valmont searches within the cell core for the molecules with most anti-aging properties: DNA Triple, and ARN. This dynamic duo strengthens and stimulates aging cells, counteracting external damages, and rejuvenating the skin, plump, radiant and glowing.
Valmont, as the “Time Magician” presents a product range, custom made, packed with refined nutrients, and of unequalled efficiency in the anti-aging race.


Nowadays, Valmont is a global company, with locations around the world, and a wide range of products, dedicated to women’s universal needs. Valmont Group stands also as an ambassador of the Swiss excellence in the cosmetic field, enabling its international customers to embrace the finest ingredients combined with innovative technology.

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